Let us introduce our amazing world of living fossils...

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We provide stunning fossil reconstructions. We create animations of the ancient life and we also make 3d prints of these fossil reconstructions.


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Fossil reconstructions

We make scientifically precise fossil reconstructions. We use existing fossil records as references, always consulting them with scientists. Our goal is to show what it might have looked like in the past. It doesn't matter whether it is only a fossil or a complex environment scene.

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We use the newest technologies and workflows from the film and game industries. More than 15 years of experience give us huge advantage. We offer to create animations to show ancient life and its natural environment.

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3d prints

We make high quality 3d prints to make real 3d models, using SLA 3d printer to bring the best possible quality and details for a reasonable price. Feel free to contact us to order some of these.

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About Us


Pleasure from work

We combine our passion for paleontology and long-term design experience to make accurate scientific reconstructions. We have strong feeling for detail and we constantly keep learning and improving our knowledge in these areas.

  • High precise result
  • Scientific attitude
  • Using the newest technologies
  • 15 years of experiences

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